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REVIVE Botanical Bath Soak (sampler)

REVIVE Botanical Bath Soak (sampler)

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Relax, soothe and soak tired muscles with our rose petals Botanical Bath Soak - Revive. Made with natural mineral rich sea salt, epsom salt, rose petals, rosehip extract and pure geranium essential oil. 

✓ 100% Natural
✓ Vegan 
✓ Free from synthetic, artificial colors and fragrances 
✓ Soothes dry or irritated skin with deep hydration

Benefits: Geranium essential oil helps to release negative memories and eases nervous tension. It balances the emotions, lifts the spirit and fosters peace, well-being and hope. Promotes skin elasticity and reduces stretch marks. 

105 grams bath soak is good for about 2 baths.

To use simply add 1/2 of a bag to your bath, hop in and enjoy!