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...with Nature in Mind

Hi! I’m Yuliya, the Creative Founder of Leafelle Natural Beauty. At Leafelle we create all natural luxurious beauty products that are good for your skin.  Our products are Natural, Palm Oil Free, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Fresh.

Leafelle was born in 2019. Leafelle [leaf (represents green) + elle (‘she’ in French)] is a combination of my creativity bursts and Nature that is always in my mind.

I have always had a creativity flair and enjoy making beautiful, handmade items. I also enjoy discovery and understanding how something is made. When the regular store-bought soap started making my skin very dry and caused cracks on my fingers, I started researching and reading about the process of making natural soap and learned about the ingredients. I realized that I didn’t want any of the toxic ingredients on my or my family’s skin and decided to make my own natural, clean soaps. The soap I made exceeded all my expectations in terms of its soothing and moisturizing capabilities. That was the start of a new beginning – Leafelle.

Soap making was just the beginning of my journey into the natural beauty products world.  I also started making bath bombs, bath salts, lotions and lip balms. I enjoyed experimenting with and researching all about the luxurious natural plant-based ingredients that not only benefit the skin but also are not harmful to the environment in any way. The bath and skin care products I make are what I use for myself. All my products are tested and refined before being sold.

Your skin deserves only the best natural products made with All Natural Ingredients.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them! I'm looking forward to your feedback.